Miriam Baby Care Centre

Miriam BnW smallAccording to a 2011 report by freelance reported, Bhumika Ghimire, the incidence of female infanticide in Nepal is rising at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately, families tend to prefer baby boys and in a society where the birth of a baby girl brings ‘shame’ to the family, some mothers are taking extreme measures either killing or throwing away their baby girls. Most often these murders go unnoticed by the law enforcement agencies because the parents throw the baby in the river or hide it away from their home. Thus, the rate of prosecution is very low.

Ghimire’s report says that 65% of babies found dead or abandoned around Kathmandu were girls. They were either still born or killed immediately after birth. Tragically, in their desperation parents use the cruelest of methods to end the life of their babies.

Transform the Nations recognize the need to be proactive in the rescue of throw-away babies and in September 2012 we accepted the first child, Miriam, into the Miriam Baby Care Centre.

Miriam foot small

There are currently 8 babies being cared for at the centre and the expectation is that this number will continue to grow.

Transform the Nations needs the support of a caring community of people prepared to give on a regular basis. It cost approximately $100 per month to care for these babies in Kathmandu. You can become a partner in this work for as little as $10/mth towards this cost, if a full sponsorship is too much.

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