From The River

 “From the River” is a song dedicated to the story of the Badi Girls.  To help raise awareness and funds for the ongoing work to free them from human trafficking.

This is a collaborative work of singers, musicians, sound producers and supporters, that have given in some way to make this song possible.  Thanks to all who have been involved in the production of a great song, and even more-so, something that can be given back to the “Girls”.

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A note from the writer:

The idea for this had been in the back of my mind for a while before I seriously did anything about it.  I wasn’t 100% sure on why I wanted to do something like this or how it was to come to fulfillment.  I was hoping to do something that could benefit the girls in some way.  And I also had the thought that I really wanted the girls involved with it somehow, as they love to sing.

Lyrics?.. this was a hard one.  It became a bit of a internal struggle for me, as I thought about the horrific events some of these girls have had to endure and how that fits in with what God allows to happen and why.  How seemingly unjust it is, that just because you are born in particular country, you may be subjected to such despair.  I ended up in tears a few times and asked God to help me grasp what I needed to ‘write what He wanted me to write’.  I do know that we live in a broken world.  God is the healer and restorer, and He will restore all things in time.  And seeing the healing and restoration that has occurred in the lives of so many of the young girls that are able to be rescued from a life of no hope, is a beautiful testament to God’s grace.

Music..  I wanted the song to have a taste of the eastern music that comes from Nepal, but also be able to hold up as a salable song in the our own country.  And through the talent and efforts of a few people, I think it has ticked the boxes I wanted it to.   Thanks to Elizabeth who played the violin.  This really carried the eastern flavour through the song.  The Badi girls that sang in Nepal did a great job, naturally.  James North did the sound production and played a lot of the instruments…top job.  Murray on drums…thanks.
And finally, Tiffany.  Getting the right female voice was something that I was worried about.  I knew what I wanted but didn’t really know anyone that I thought was right.  Through a series of events, I was told Tiffany had agreed to help, but I hadn’t even heard her sing.  To be honest, I was a little concerned, as I wouldn’t like to tell someone that I didn’t want them to do it after they had agreed to help, if they weren’t what I had in mind.  Tiff sent me a song that she had recorded on her phone of her singing.  I listened to about 2 lines and I knew she would be perfect.  Thanks Tiff.


You can purchase ‘From the River’ right now on iTunes and Google Play.

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All money raised from the sale of the song will go towards the rescue, care and education of the Badi Girls.



Music and Lyrics by Josh Kerr

Can they see, the fear that is in my eyes

What once was mine, dissolves with every tear I cry.

And it’s coldly too familiar, to stare at unfamiliar faces

And do I even have the right to hope, or is this where, my place is?


Can someone hear me?  There is a life that needs saving,

Is there someone there for me? Does anybody hear….Save me!


This place of scars and lies,  It breaks my heart to see you here.

Just need to rest me eyes..    Rest your head, give me your fears

Someone will take you home, where you will be loved, and be free

I don’t even know what love is now,

I promise that you’ll find out…Believe me.


Did someone hear me? There is a life that needs saving,

I hear you.   There is a life that needs saving

Is there someone there for me? Does anybody hear….Save me!

someone there for you……


From the River to an open sea, a sea of hope

A hope of life forever

From the River to an open sea, a sea of hope

A hope of life forever

Grahame_KerrFrom The River